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Written by Hartmut Ehreke   
Saturday, 16 January 2010 16:07

codive would not be possible without the Linux operating system. Much respect is due to Linus Torvalds, the creator of it.

codive uses the coin3D library, which is a re-implementation of the OpenInventor API by silicon graphics.

OpenInventor was created by the same people who came up with OpenGL, so thanks to these guys, there's a very convenient 3D-API available.

coin3D offers a free library for the development of open source software, so thanks to the coin3D people for keeping the door open for us.

This website was created with joomla, which installs like a piece of cake, and runs like a beast. It allows you to quickly come up with a professional website, and doesn't cost you a dime.

The static pages that you see right now, have been created with HTTrack, a mirroring system that's also free.

Thanks to the creators of joomla, and HTTrack, and naturally the people who created and maintain the apache webserver that I'm using at home to write all this stuff.

So, if codive should really make it one day, to be a good, fast, and convenient editor, let's not forget the people who made the development possible in the first place.

Last not least, the compiler and linker, and all tools necessary to develop software have been made available by GNU.

In addition, I was working with blender and gimp for some graphics, so these people should also be mentioned.

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